Style, luxurious quality and sustainability can co-exist in harmony.

MNK Atelier is a slow-fashion brand prioritising elevated tailoring, luxurious fabrics and timeless designs over fleeting trends. Our clothes are exclusively created from organic fabrics, natural fibres, recycled materials and some fabrics are sustainably sourced from Japan. We aim to be as good to the planet as possible, improving one step at a time. 

"We aspire to be the brand of tomorrow, with sustainability and luxury fashion in mind, we aim to slow down the fashion cycle, curating a limited run of high quality clothing that serves your everyday wardrobe."

Based in Sydney, MNK Atelier is committed to incorporating sustainable and ethical practices across all areas of production - from fabric choices to packaging. In line with our environmentally conscious ethos, we only produce a limited number of pieces per collection to reduce waste and discourage over consumption.

MNK Atelier's goal is to defy the perception that simplicity equals boring, designed to mix and match, easily dressed up or down. From not-so-basic basics to elevated wardrobe staples - MNK Atelier's pieces are designed to look effortlessly chic. Minimalist but never boring, our timeless designs fuse vintage elegance, with modern glamour - think classic pieces that can be worn and re-worn for decades to come.