Slow Fashion
One of the reasons we started MNK Atelier is we felt that there was a missing puzzle in our everyday wardrobe where style, longevity and earth-friendly clothing is hard to find. Our mission is to deliver consciously crafted, luxurious and high quality clothing that are designed to be treasured, not thrown away after a season. Disrupting the traditional seasons and cycle, we produce limited drops, styles and quantity. Every piece is designed and made to last, be worn over and over again, mixed and matched to create new looks. 

Our goal is to continue to implement more sustainable and responsible practices in all areas of our business. We encourage you to cherish every piece, follow our care guide closely, mix and match with MNK and your existing clothes, wear, re-wear, repair, gift, donate and support the circular fashion system.

People & Production
When looking at manufacturers, we use small production houses to support small businesses like ours. Our manufacturers ensure a fair wage, healthy working environment to their workers. Our collections are produced at a limited run only, to avoid over-consumption and wastage.

MNK Atelier carefully sources high quality and considered materials in our collections. We aim at sourcing premium natural materials when choosing our fabrics, incorporating Japanese botanic dyed organic cotton, raw non-dyed organic cotton, washi-blended fabric. Our knits are silk-organic cotton blended with a small amount of recycled nylon yarns. We minimise the use of synthetic materials at MNK Atelier, when we need to use synthetic fibres, we go for recycled quality. The fabrics for our camis are made from 100% recycled PET bottles in Japan.

Packaging & Trims
MNK Atelier individual garment packaged in a biodegradable EcoPure® bag, the whole bag including ziplock is also biodegradable. Our mailer bag is also recyclable. S
wing tags, stickers, tissue papers are made from FSC certified paper. They can all be recycled. The garment labels are made from recycled polyester. We aim to minimise trims going forward as much as we can and continue to opt for sustainable options and new technologies.