About The Founders

MNK Atelier - The initials of our founders, Milly and Kobe. The brand MNK Atelier represents the collaboration between sisters, Milly and Kobe. A little bit about our founders below ...

Milly studied Finance and International Studies and spent her final year living in Paris. Sunday strolling along the Seine River, she found inspiration in every corner of this fashion capital, from the art and culture, to the architecture and history; and the effortless Parisian chic style she truly admires.

She always dreamt of starting a business in fashion with her sister one day, living and breathing in this very city of fashion reignited the dream. In reality, her education background and working experience led her to a career in investment banking where having the right business attire is very important.

She believes dressing well and professionally every day does not have to be boring. In fact, a wardrobe with multi-functional garments goes a long way - from day to night, from work to night out.

Kobe studied Fashion Design and always has an eye for style and design. Upon graduation she interned at renowned fashion houses in Australia before working in menswear production. Her experiences definitely honed her skills in all areas of design, production and business of the fashion industry, from design to production; from quality control to execution.

She then encountered opportunities in the real estate world, one of the very competitive and prominent industries in Sydney where agents are always very presentable and dress well.

There have been many occasions where colleagues and potential buyers like her sense of style and taste in clothes. Regardless of trends, Kobe has always stayed true to her own way of style. Dressing for success, she believes in the power of mix and match to create your own unique style.

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“Every piece is curated to be timeless, simple yet never boring.”

Milly & Kobe - Founders of MNK Atelier