Why We Choose Japanese Fabrics?

We have compiled 3 reasons as to why we have decided to use Japanese fabrics for our brand.

1. Quality - Japan is known for their quality in fashion, innovation, skincare, beauty ... so what is better than starting our sustainable luxury brand by incorporating Japanese made fabrics. We believe good quality clothing will last a lifetime. When I first encountered Japanese quality clothes, it was from the wardrobes of my mother and grandmother. I remembered as a kid I would always flick through their wardrobes and find amazing pieces that they had kept for many years. They used to say they could not find fashion and quality like these anymore. At MNK Atelier, we have carefully selected some of the best fabrics that are super luxurious while eco-friendly, take a look at our camis! Don't be fooled by the silk-like quality of this cami when you touch it! You would not be able to tell they are made from 100% recycled PET bottles.

2. Innovation - Japan has long been known for their innovation and technology. We cannot agree more when it comes to fabrics! In our debut collection, we have incorporated some cool ideas in our design while utilising Japanese innovation in terms of fabrics. To adopt both old and new techniques, one of our tailored pants is made from a blend of traditional Japanese Washi Paper and Organic Cotton. You would ask "Can I wash these pants if they are made from paper?" The answer is Yes! This beautiful blend of Japanese Washi Paper and Organic Cotton is machine washable, soft-to-skin, breathable and comfortable. The best thing is - it is both work- and casual-friendly!

3. Niche - Not a lot of fashion labels choose to use Japanese fabrics, due to its high manufacturing costs compared to fabrics from other countries. Also, the limited availability makes it hard for brands to source Japanese materials when producing their garments. At MNK Atelier, we cherish slow fashion, made well. We have taken the time to select our materials carefully, wear them ourselves to test the fit, quality and longevity. 


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Milly & Kobe - Founders of MNK Atelier